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General Terms and Conditions of Cellpay.us Web Site, https://.Cellpay.us/terms.php

Privacy Policy, https://.Cellpay.us/privacy.php

General Terms and Conditions Applicable Cellpay.us, GENERAL TERMS OF USE OF WEB SITE AND CUSTOMER AGREEMENT

1. Non-Competition Covenants.

buyer covenants that, for a period of five (5) years after the date of this Agreement, (the “Restricted Period”), Seller shall observe all of the following separate and independent covenants:

(a) Non-Competition with Businesses. Seller, will not, individually, jointly, directly, or indirectly: own (in whole or in part); operate; manage; be employed by; contract with; provide services to; consult with; be an officer, director, employee or independent contractor of; or otherwise associate with any business involved in the marketing and selling of Prepaid Calling Cards; Prepaid Sims Cards; Wireless Refills, International Topups; wholesale of refills to resellers; and other products and services as described on the website www.Cellpay.us

(b) Non-solicitation of Employees: Seller will not, individually, jointly, directly, or indirectly solicit any employee of the Company to leave such employment.

(c) Non-Solicitation of Customers: During the Restricted Period, Seller will not, individually, jointly, directly, or indirectly utilize the customer database of the Company for any purpose.

1.1. Notice of Agreement/Legal Document.

The Following Document is a Contract – Legally Binding Agreement. Please Read This Entire Agreement Carefully Before You use The Services Provided By This Web Site and Before You Agree To Purchase any Payments From This Web Site. By Using This Web Site or By Agreeing To Purchase Any Payments From This Web Site, You Agree To Be Bound By The Terms And Conditions Stated Below. If You Do Not Wish To Be Bound By These Terms And Conditions, You May Not Use This Web Site And Should Exit IT Immediately.

2. Parties.

ZULIE VENTURE INC, (hereinafter referred to as ” Cellpay.us “) is an Texas corporation with its principal place of business located at 4252 BLUEBONNET DR STAFFORD, TX 77477.

“CUSTOMER,” “YOU,” and “YOUR” refer to:

the natural person using this Web site, regardless of whether he or she is acting is his or her individual capacity, or as the agent for any other natural person or business entity; and

the natural person who is the principal of any electronic agent(s) using this Web site, regardless of the number of layers of electronic agency that may exist between the natural person principal and the electronic agent(s) using this Web site.

In this Agreement, Cellpay.us and YOU may sometimes be referred to collectively as the “PARTIES.” Where this Agreement uses the term “PARTIES,” it intends both YOU and Cellpay.us

3.Bill Payment Services

Cellpay bill payment service allows Consumers to make convenient, electronic payments for any US-based cellular provider, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Our service is designed to provide Consumers with a simple, safe and secure method to load up their prepaid cell phone plan without physically having to leave the comfort of their home. To be eligible to use the Bill Payment Services, you must be an individual resident of the United States (excluding its territories). You understand and acknowledge that our bill payment service is provided for individual consumer use only, and may not be used to make payments on behalf of a company, business/commercial enterprise, or another person. You further agree that you will only use the service to send bill payments on your own behalf and will not use the Bill Payment Services as an agent, guardian, conservator or guarantor for any other person or entity. In order to use the Bill Payment Services, you may need to provide us with your account information with cellular service providers you choose (such as account passwords and usernames) and any information necessary for us to access your cellular accounts with such service providers ("Bill Payment Account Information"). By using the Bill Payment Services, you expressly authorize Cellpay. to access the Bill Payment Account Information, solely for the purpose of providing the Bill Payment Services to you. Once you have added a cellular service provider account, we will submit information, including usernames and passwords that you provide, to log you into the third-party site (each, a "Third Party Site"). You hereby authorize and permit us to use and store your Bill Payment Account Information to accomplish the foregoing and to configure the Bill Payment Services so that they are compatible with the Third-Party Cellular Sites for which you submit your Bill Payment Account Information.

There may be charges for certain transactions and services when you elect to use the Bill Payment Services. You agree to pay any fees for the Bill Payment Services you use or subscribe to as described on the Sites. Your Liability You are solely liable for errors you make in using the Bill Payment Services, including the following:

you direct Cellpay to submit a payment to a Payee from the wrong Funding Account;you erroneously direct Cellpay. to submit a payment to a Payee multiple times;you direct Cellpay. to submit the wrong amount to a Payee;you direct Cellpay. to submit a payment to the wrong Payee; oryou change your mind about making a payment to a Payee after directing Cellpay. to submit the payment.

You are responsible for all fees, fines, penalties, and other liability incurred by Cellpay, a Payee, you or a third party caused by or arising out of your breach of this Agreement and/or your use of the Bill Payment Services. You agree to reimburse Cellpay, a Payee or the applicable third party for any and all such liability.

Cellpay does not have control of, or liability for, the products or services that are paid for via the Bill Payment Services.

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