Prepaid Wireless Business Opportunity

Do not miss this opportunity to be a part of the fast-growing prepaid wireless market. You can be a prepaid wireless refill cards reseller right through your home or through your retail store. According to the Atlantic-ACM study released in January 2006, prepaid wireless market will reach about $31.3 billion by 2010. On the average, prepaid wireless customers refill their phones every 41 days with an average refill of $33.71. Given a good buyer experience from you, your buyers will regularly come back to your store for their wireless airtime refills.

CallingMart Prepaid Wholesale Programs

You can participate in our wholesale program by becoming a CallingMart location

Become a CallingMart Location

If you are a business that sells products to consumers at the retail level, you can become a CallingMart location and get higher wholesale discounts. Our prepaid products includes prepaid wireless airtime, long distance calling cards, and more prepaid products. CallingMart is recognized by consumers as a convenient place to purchase prepaid. With this system, you can access our prepaid products and resell them through any PC with internet access.

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By becoming a CallingMart location, you can get big wholesale discounts and bigger profits plus these benefits:
  • No Cost (Costs nothing to get started)
  • No Risk (Pay for what you have already sold, and keep your profit)
  • No Inventory (Only pull the PIN from our inventory when you have a sale)
  • No Minimum Purchases
  • No Monthly Fees
  • Instant Application Processing (You can get started within one day)
  • Online Account (Track your store activity from your secured online account)
  • Diversity of products and carriers (Airvoice, AllTel, AT&T, Boost, Cingular, STI, Tracfone, T-Mobile, Verizon and much more)
Don't let this business opportunity go, that will allow you to gain more profits with NO COST and NO RISK to you! Almost any retail merchant or online reseller has the ability to become a CallingMart Location. In essence, if you are a business that sells products to consumers at the retail level, you are eligible. Once approved, we take care of the rest by providing you with everything you need to begin selling prepaid almost immediately. For more information, or to apply click the following link:

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