Order By SMS

SMS Registration

Before you can order via SMS / Text Message, you need to register your prepaid phone number with us. You will be asked to enter a code on your phone and we will be sending you a text message confirming that your phone has been successfully registered in our system. This process ensures that your phone can send and receive text messages from us for the Order by SMS purposes.

SMS Ordering

After successful registration of your prepaid phone number in our system, you may start ordering airtime refills through SMS. Please make sure that you have at least $1.00 balance on your phone to be able to send and receive text messages from us.

To Order, type CM followed by the Refill Card - Provider Short Codes then the card denomination or retail value of the refill card without the dollar sign. Please note that you may only purchase one (1) quantity per order.

Ex. To Order a T-Mobile $10 refill card
      Type "CM TMO 10" then send to 786-520-2800

SMS PIN Delivery

Once we have received your order and your payment through your registered credit card on file has been successfully charged, you will be receiving a Text Message from us with the refill PIN.

The PIN text message contains the airtime refill PIN information, Order number, Amount Charged and Customer Service phone number for your network provider to be able to load your PIN. Please note that this phone number should be dialed from a landline phone.

Ex. Your PIN: 1234567890123456 Order Number: TX-1001012017
Charge: $8.84 To Load: Call 1-877-778-2106.
Thank you for your purchase!