Our Reward Program

Save more as you buy more at CallingMart.com!

Aside from the everyday low prices and special discount promo codes that CallingMart offers on prepaid cards, now you can save even more as you buy more prepaid cards at CallingMart.com. The CallingMart Rewards Program is a way of expressing our sincere appreciation to our loyal customers. This program is absolutely free and you get automatically enrolled when you sign-up for an account at CallingMart.com. Once you signed up for an account, you will immediately earn points on all your purchases at CallingMart.com. These points will automatically accumulate as you purchase more prepaid cards. And in certain occasions, your points may be doubled, tripled or even quintupled (5x) if you have reached the monthly volume purchases threshold that qualifies for bonus points! You may redeem these points for your future purchase of any prepaid cards in these sections: Wireless Refill Cards, Special Cards, and Filipino Cards. To redeem your points, simply click the “Use Points” button upon checkout. Points available for use will be displayed in your account.

CallingMart Rewards Program Rules

  • CallingMart rewards program is free for all customers with registered My Wireless Account at CallingMart.com
  • Customer must register for an account at CallingMart to get automatically enrolled to the rewards program
  • Account should be in good standing, without any chargeback filed on any purchase
  • Each reward point is worth $0.01 and reward points are based on the retail cost of the product.
  • Reward points are non-transferrable
  • Points can be earned on every purchase of any product in these sections: Wireless Refill Cards, Special Cards and Filipino Cards.
  • Points accumulate automatically and can be redeemed on succeeding purchases of any product in these sections: Wireless Refill Cards, Special Cards and Filipino Cards.
  • 100% of the earned points in your account will be credited to your purchase.
  • No partial crediting is allowed. Partial crediting may only be applied if available reward points exceed the total purchase price.
  • In certain occasions or based on your monthly volume, we will be offering double, triple points or more.

Monthly Volume Purchases Bonus Rewards Program

We have incorporated our Monthly Volume Purchases Cash Back program with our CallingMart Rewards program. Additional points will be applied to the order that has reached the minimum monthly volume purchase amount based on the following Bonus Points system:

Monthly Volume Purchase Bonus Points
$501 to $1,999 Double Points (2x)
$501 to $1,999 Double Points (2x)
$10,000 to $19,999 Quadruple Points (4x)
$20,000 or more Quintuple Points (5x)
  • Monthly Volume Amount resets to 0 at the beginning of the new month but the accrued reward points will continue to accumulate until you elect to use them for a purchase.
  • With the new Rewards Program in place, Monthly Volume Purchases Cash Back is now converted to reward points and will no longer be applied as monetary credit to your account or sent as check.

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