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Airvoice GSM Monthly Plan - RTR

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Take advantage of Airvoice monthly plan with montly voice minutes and texting.

DENOMINATIONS ANYTIME MINUTES SMS MMS Data International Long Distance Expiration CallingMart Points
$10.00 $0.04 per min $0.02 per min $0.10 per MMS $0.66 per MB varies 30 days 10
$20.00 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 3GB 0 30 days 20
$30.00 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 6GB 0 30 days 30
$50.00 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 15GB Unlimited 30 days 50
$70.00 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 30 days 70
Roaming: ON AirVoice Wireless Network ONLY! Other Network Roaming NOT Available.
Customers are UNABLE to dial 411, International calls, or to numbers beginning with 877, 866, 800, or 888 (except for our customer service #). Customers are also UNABLE to forward calls, initiate 3- way calls, or send/receive premium SMS.
NETWORK Cingular Wireless (GSM)
COVERAGE Nationwide Coverage. See provider for more details
CARRIER CONTACT/CUSTOMER SERVICE www.airvoicewireless.com or 1-888-944-2355

If you need more minutues:
You may add an additional refill card to your account at anytime to receive more voice minutes or SMS. The refill card will add an additional 30 Days of Service to your original expiration date.

ACCOUNT STATUS You can keep track of your account status at any time! Dial *777# and SEND from your wireless handset to receive an instant account notification, informing you of your expiration date. To help keep you updated, you will receive an automated recording 3 days before your expiration date reminding you to refill your account. This message will be played on your first outgoing call of the day for the last 3 days of service.
ACCOUNT CANCELLATION Airvoice recommends you add a refill card before your account expires to avoid service interruption. If you cannot make your payment before the expiration date, your account will cancel 30 days after it expires. If your account cancels due to nonpayment, you may lose your wireless number and may need to purchase a new SIM. Please contact Airvoice customer service at (888) 944-2355 to inquire about reinstating your account.

Airvoice number is required to be provided in the shopping cart, and minutes will be directly loaded to the provided Airvoice number. We will be calling Airvoice IVR or refilling it through their website to load the pin for you so please give us at most 1 hour to load it during our business hours. If you ordered outside of business hours, we will load it for you on the first hour that we open. Due to the manual nature of this product, this is not covered in our Instant Delivery Guarantee.

Questions? Please visit our Wireless Refill Cards FAQ  section or Email us at [email protected] You may also contact us through the following numbers:
- For order inquiries, please call us at 1-877-6-Get-PIN (1-877-643-8746), Mon-Fri  9:30am-12am, Sat-Sun 10am-10pm EST.

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