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Airvoice Wireless Cash Card

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Airvoice Wireless GSM, much like the company’s TDMA program, offers users an affordable plan with great calling features and a simple flat rate of $0.14/min on all Domestic calls within the Airvoice calling Network. Plus, subscribers enjoy a host of standard calling features like Voicemail, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, and Three Way Calling.

DENOMINATIONS International Text/MMS Data EXPIRATION CallingMart Points
$10.00 $0.20 $0.33 / MB N/A* 10
DATA SERVICES Customers on the $35.00 or $40.00 plans must call Airvoice at 888-944-2355 to activate a cash card.
Other Information * The Airvoice Wireless Cash Card will never expire as long as the account status remains active. The expiration date will extend as long as the the Monthly Talk & Text doesn't expire. This add-on Cash Card will only expire if the Monthly Talk & Text plan is allowed to expire.

**If this is your first time purchasing using MMS or data/web YOU MUST call AirVoice customer service at 1-888-944-2355 to properly activate the MMS/Data functions on your phone. You will not be able to use your phone until you call them first.


COVERAGE Nationwide Coverage. See provider for more details
CARRIER CONTACT/CUSTOMER SERVICE www.airvoicewireless.com or 1-888-944-2355

To add minutes directly from your mobile phone:
Press *111* + (pin number) + # + SEND

Or, you can also call 611 from your mobile phone or 1-888-944-2355 from a landline for assistance on loading your minutes.

Questions? Please visit our Wireless Refill Cards FAQ  section or Email us at [email protected] You may also contact us through the following numbers:
- For order inquiries, please call us at 1-877-6-Get-PIN (1-877-643-8746), Mon-Fri  9:30am-12am, Sat-Sun 10am-10pm EST.

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