Auto Purchase

What is auto purchase?

This feature allows you to conveniently schedule your refill purchases for your mobile phone so you don't have to manually submit your recurring order month after month .

How does it work?

Step 1

Login to your account (register for one if you haven't)

Step 2

Go to the Auto-Purchase Management section, click Add and follow the instructions for product selection, schedule and payment details.

Step 3

Review Terms and click Enable to activate the feature. You will receive an email confirming the feature activation and you're all set!

On your scheduled purchase date, we automatically process your order and you'll get your minutes right on your phone if you ordered for a load-to-phone product. For PIN products, you'll get your PIN via email and just to load it to your phone to activate the minutes.

Activate Feature

Hassle-free purchase

Just choose your preferred purchase schedule and we will automatically process the order for you.

Instant Savings

The long wait for our promo specials is over! With this feature, we automatically apply the maximum discount you can get for every purchase!