Payment Acceptance Agreement

Cards Accepted accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal as forms of payment. Each credit card Company has established policies and procedures that we as a Merchant (seller) must adhere to. There are responsibilities that you as the "buyer" must adhere to as well, this could include proof that you are the "in fact cardholder" by means of reasonable identification (apartment number or business or other listed telephone number with credit card Company database that we can verify). Please contact VISA @ 1-(800) 228-1122 or MasterCard @ 1-(800) 826-2181 if you feel like any of our "verification" policies are not in line with their organizational policies. We work hard to prevent fraud and if you have received an email from us implying that you have placed an order with and you in fact have not, please be aware that we make all attempts to verify you as the "real cardholder" prior to processing the charge. Please also note that your credit statement will show CALLINGMART or CALNGMRT 8776GETPIN as the biller for the transactions.

Processing System

On all credit card payments, we utilize Paypal as processor for our transactions. Please refer to our Return Policy with questions regarding any returns, if you have any questions regarding our products, please contact us before you place an order.

Bill to Address Policy

Our Merchant processing company, Paypal is secure and requires that we verify with the issuing bank the "registered billing address" prior to approval of your order. This is according to documentation that is determined by the credit card Company that requires us to process orders with the verifiable billing address only.


We do not accept any kinds of check as a payment for products, except for wholesale transactions.


We thank you for your business and hope that you understand that in today's times with the level of Internet credit card fraud approaching billions of dollars in losses, we must adhere to the policies of the issuing credit card Company. At times, we can require further documentation than that of just an online transaction (copy of credit card, and/or ID and/or utility bill).


We will fully prosecute FRAUD to the fullest extent of the law and work with all law enforcement agencies and cooperate with the FBI, Secret Service and any other department to validate or help in preventing FRAUDULENT use of credit cards. Please consider this before placing your order (if you are using a stolen credit card), you will not be able to get through and it is a waste of your time and ours. Is it worth it? NO!