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Last Update : 2012/02/08
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Question / Issue
How can I refer friends to your website and how will I earn from their purchases?

Answer / Solution

There are two ways to refer your friends and two ways to receive your referral earnings.

1.Referral Rewards

You will earn your affiliate commission through Reward Points applicable toward your purchases at When your referred buyers enter your registered CallingMart email address in the "Referred By Email" field at Checkout for every purchase or if they click theTell a Friend link that you will find in your CallingMart Account -> Tell a Friend email template, you will earn .50% or 1/2 of the full reward points that your referred buyer earned for that purchase. For instance, if your referred buyer purchased a $40 SimpleMobile Refill, your referral will earn 40 Reward points for that purchase and you will earn 20 Reward Points. You will find your Reward Points from your referrals when you go to your CallingMart Account -> My Reward Points. Order numbers beginning with "RDP-" or "REC-" are the rewards credits from referred purchases. Referred buyers must always enter your email address or must click your Tell a Friend link whenever they place their purchases to ensure that you receive your referral reward credits for their purchases.


2. Cash Affiliate. The cash affiliate applies to referred purchases when your referred buyers click your affiliate TEXT or IMAGE links in CallingMart Account -> Referral/Affliate Management ->Use our Banners and Text Links to earn cash. With this type of affiliate, you will earn .50% or 1/2 of the equivalent reward points earned by your referral, but you will earn it in monetary form. You will receive your cash back by check only after reaching a total commission of $25. If your referred buyer clicks your text or image affiliate link, and he buys a Simple Mobile $40 for $39.60, your referred buyer earns 40 reward points and you will earn $0.20 for that purchase.


Most of our affiliates are participating in our Referral Rewards program since they receive the affiliate earnings in terms of points and they are able to use them immediately toward their purchases at our site for additional discounts. As for the Cash Affiliate, cash back is issued upon reaching $25 commission -- most of our affiliates who use this affiliate type are bloggers who are advertising our products in their websites through their Cash Affiliate links.

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