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Last Update : 2009/03/19
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How long will it take to receive my PIN after placing my order?

Answer / Solution

You will see your PIN, order receipt and calling instructions on-screen and a copy will be sent via email within 1-3 minutes, and not later than 15 minutes from the time you placed your order (If for any reason it was delayed more than 15 minutes, under our instant delivery Guarantee policy, you should be eligible for extra 3% off you order). We process all our orders immediately and deliver refill PINs instantly as soon as we receive credit card authorization from your bank and if there is nothing to verify on your order.

Our Instant Delivery Guarantee does not cover delays due to e-check clearing from your bank (for PayPal echeck payment) or delayed credit card authorization from your bank for which we have no control. This rarely happens as we receive bank authorizations instantly most of the time, as long as billing information entered are correct and there are sufficient funds in your account.
For some orders, phone verification may be necessary as part of our Secure Transaction Policy.  If your order is being held for verification, you will be receiving a phone call within a few minutes from placing your order. Phone verification is between 9:00am and 11:00pm EST Mon-Fri 10am-10pm  EST Sat-Sun. If we are unable contact you within 30 minutes, your order will not be eligible for the Instant Delivery Guarantee.


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