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Top 20 FAQs
How long will it take to receive my PIN after placing my order?
How do I activate my phone for prepaid plan?
How do I redeem my reward points at CallingMart?
When do my prepaid minutes expire?
How can I purchase wireless refill cards?
I received my PIN but not sure how to load minutes in my phone? How do I recharge minutes for my prepaid phone?
I tried loading my airtime minutes, but I received an error that the PIN is invalid.
I was charged but I did not receive my PIN?
Can I view my previous prepaid wireless refill purchases in the My Account page?
How does the bonus reward points work?
What is your return policy?
I got coupon codes/promotional codes online. How do I apply them in my airtime minutes?
I received a notification that my order is being held for verification but I have not received a phone call?
What can I purchase with my reward points?
Are there any taxes applied to the Long Distance Calling Cards?
How can I refer friends to your website and how will I earn from their purchases?
What is the CallingMart Rewards Program?
How can we contact your customer service?
Is there a limit on how much I can purchase per week?
What is a prepaid wireless plan?

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