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Keep in touch with your family and friends back home! Reload your roaming Philippine prepaid Globe phone or send them a load conveniently by purchasing refill PINs online.

Denomination PHP Denomination Free Text Message* Load Expiry** Account Expiry***




15 days

120 days




60 days

120 days




60 days

120 days




60 days

120 days


Globe Telecom

Carrier Contact

Phone (Philippines): (+632) 730-1000
Phone (Roamers): *131*6327301212#
Email Address: [email protected]

Free Text /

*FREE TEXT MESSAGE applies when loading to a phone within the Philippines
**LOAD EXPIRY refers to the number of days a subscriber has to consume the value of the Airtime credits from the date it was loaded into his account. Any unconsumed value will be forfeited after the load expiry period.
***ACCOUNT EXPIRY refers to the number of days a subscriber has to reload Airtime credits after his account balance reaches 0, to keep his account active.

Refill PIN Delivery

Refill PINs will be sent digitally on-screen and via email

Refill Instructions

To load minutes:

  • Dial 223 and press Send
  • Follow the voice prompts.
  • Enter your Call & Text Card No. then press #
  • Enter you Call & Text Card PIN then press #
  • A voice prompt will then confirm that the reload attempt is successful

To load minutes while Roaming:

  • Dial *123* + call card number + PIN + # sign. Do not put spaces in between this sequence.
  • Ex. *123* 1234567890123456#
  • Press SEND.
  • Wait for this confirmation message to flash on the screen. “Please wait while we process your request.”
  • You will receive a message shortly after. “Reload successful new balance is Pxxx”

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