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Denomination Minutes Text Data Expiration CallingMart Points
$10 250 250 10 MB 5 days 10
$20 $0.05 / min $0.05 per text $0.50 per MB 30 Days 20
$25 1000 1000 100 MB 15 Days 25
INTERNATIONAL TEXT MESSAGES International Text Messages are not included in the plan, and cost 20¢ per message sent.
LONG DISTANCE Check International Calling rates
FEATURES - Voicemail
- Caller ID
- Call Waiting
- Domestic long distance
COVERAGE Nationwide Coverage. See provider for more details
CARRIER CONTACT Visit http://us.good2gomobile.com or call 611 from your good2go phone or 1-800-416-3003 from any landline (if calling from your good2go Phone airtime applies)

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