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Denomination Minutes Expiration Nights & Weekends CallingMart Points
$19.99 60 90 days Regular Anytime Rate 20
$19.99 0 + Double Minute* None N/A 25
$29.99 120 90 days Regular Anytime Rate 30
$39.99 200 90 days Regular Anytime Rate 40
$79.99 450 90 days Regular Anytime Rate 80
$99.99 400 365 days Regular Anytime Rate 100
$119.99 800 + Double Minutes 365 days Regular Anytime Rate 120
Text Messaging Text messaging rates vary by phone: Nokia 1100, 2600, 3390 & Motorola V170, and C155 are 18 seconds/msg sent and FREE to receive. Nokia 5100, 1221, 2285, 2126 & Motorola C343, V60, and 120 are 30 seconds/msg sent and received.
Data Services N/A
Long Distance TracFone deducts minutes as units: 1 Unit = 1 minute of local or long distance calls made from inside your home calling area. 2 Units = 1 minute of roaming calls made from outside your home calling area. Subscriber must visit the Tracfone website and purchase international minutes.
Features Plans Include: Caller ID / Call Waiting / Voicemail
Coverage Nationwide Coverage
Carrier Contact www.tracfone.com or 1-800-867-7183
Usage Instructions To add minutes via mobile phone, select Prepaid Menu -> Redeem Airtime Minutes on your mobile phone then enter the refill PIN. If you have a promo code, add the 5-digit code right after the last digit of your PIN. (15-digit PIN + 5-digit promo code)

To add minutes via landline phone, call 1-800-867-7183, choose option 2 and follow voice prompts.If you have a promo code, add the 5-digit code right after the last digit of your PIN. (15-digit PIN + 5-digit promo code). For HELP, choose option 4, then 5 to speak with a customer service representative.

Customer Service www.tracfone.com or 1-800-867-7183
Additional Info

*The $50.00 Double Minute Plan gives the user DOUBLE minutes for every pin purchased thereafter. This plan will not expire unless the user's Tracfone becomes inactive. This plan may be transferred to a new Tracfone by calling Tracfone customer service at 1-800-867-7183.

**The $129.99 refill is a DOUBLE MINUTE CARD which means that any airtime added in the next 12 months will automatically be doubled.

Tracfone Prepaid Promotional Codes:


** Tracfone promotional codes can only be used once per phone. Tracfone promotional codes are provided by Tracfone Wireless and CallingMart.com does not guarantee their validity.

Tracfone Prepaid Airtime Minutes Refill Cards Highlights

TracFone Wireless is the largest independent nationwide provider of prepaid wireless communications. TracFone is a pay-as-you-go, prepaid wireless service that has the largest digital coverage area in the United States. There are no hidden charges, nationwide long distance is already included in your price, and there's never a roaming surcharge, just a flat rate. Plus, Tracfone offers all the full featured calling features such as caller ID, call waiting, 3-way calling, voicemail, text messaging, and inexpensive roaming (or free on GSM models).

The unique thing about Tracfone is their patented airtime balance display and billing system. So you always know right where you stand with regard to how many minutes you have and when you need to get more. Although Tracfone Wireless is known to be more expensive than other competing providers, they do offer widely available promotional codes which can actually make the service a lot cheaper.

Tracfone Prepaid Refill Airtime Minutes Phone Compatibility

Tracfone Refill Minutes: Compatible with all Tracfone PAY AS YOU GO Prepaid Wireless plans. If you are uncertain as to what type of Tracfone Refill Minutes Plan you may have, please call our professionally trained customer service representatives toll-free at 1-877-6-Get-PIN (1-877-643-8746) from 10am to 10pm EST 7 days a week or visit our Wireless Prepaid FAQ section or Email us at [email protected].

Tracfone Prepaid Minutes Refill Instructions

  1. Dial 1-800-867-7183
  2. Enter your 11-digit ESN/SN Number (typically found under your battery), followed by the # key
  3. Enter 15-digit Airtime PIN (PIN Number), followed by the # key

RapidRefill™ - Add airtime directly from your TRACFONE

  1. After activating phone, select Redeem Airtime from your Prepaid menu.
  2. Enter 15-digit Airtime PIN (PIN Number) and press the OK key.
  3. Airtime will be sent directly to your TRACFONE.
  4. RapidRefill™ may not work with all phones.

Tracfone Copyright and Trademark Information

The Tracfone® logo and the Tracfone® product images are registered trademarks of Tracfone®. CallingMart is in no way affiliated with Tracfone® or any other entity for which a logo or name may be present. CallingMart refers to these logos and or names solely for the purpose of demonstrating the products and or services that it resells.

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CallingMart guarantees the lowest price of wireless refill PINs online. CallingMart will match any lower price from a reputable competitor website for up to 7 days from the order date. The lower priced item must be available for purchase and should be an exact item match of the purchased product from us in terms of product refill value and plan, delivery method of PIN or minutes, delivery lead time, and payment method. Network provider's official website and marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Bonanza and other similar sites where prices are dictated by individual sellers and not by standard reseller pricing are not eligible. This offer does not apply to International Top-ups due to the price differences driven by the foreign currency exchange. To avail of this offer, please send an email to [email protected] with the order number and the page link of the lower priced item and a refund for the difference will be issued upon price and listing verification.

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